Please note: The operation of the market is by a volunteer committee. We will address any suggestions in monthly meetings and update this page on an ongoing basis.

What is the aim of the market:? Our aim is to create a resilient, locally-supplied market that has a core of regular produce stalls and a rotating group of casual dining, art and crafts stalls to create a balance between consistent food supplies, interesting new street food, arts and crafts, and a social hub for the community. 

What can I sell at the market? Updated June 2023: The market aims to support stallholders selling products that are locally made or grown. Food products must be produced within 100 miles. We will also consider non-local products that are

  • hand made
  • ethically sourced
  • eco friendly
  • majority Australian made
  • recycled/upcycled/second-hand clothing
  • collectibles/antiques

How many stalls will be at “The Palms” market? About 8 craft/art stalls and 10 local food producer stalls, eventually. Please register if you are interested in becoming a stall holder.

Are the market stalls permanent? Yes and no. Our aim is for “core” stalls to sell take-home staple food such as fresh produce (vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese), seedlings and garden plants, and grocery (packaged, baked, preserved etc) whilst “rotating” stalls include ready-to eat food, wine, art, craft and gourmet/speciality food stalls. However this is more of an aim than a rule.

What period can stall holders book? This website now allows registered stall holders to book any or all markets within the next financial year. Discounts are offered for multiple stall bookings.

What are the stall types and fees?

  • Hobbyist/craft: $20;
  • Producer (a grower must sell at least 75% own grown produce): $35;
  • Food vendor: $50;
  • Winery: $100.

Is there coordination of dining stall menus? Yes, we generally have two to four prepared food vendors, and we ensure there is plenty of variation in the menus.

Is there coffee at the market? We don’t want to compete with local cafes, so we do not have any coffee stallholders.

Is there be a local food only policy? The aim of the market is to support the local economy, so there is an overall “100 Mile” policy, but this is a flexible concept.

What is “local”? Any definition of “local” has to take into account what is grown or made here. So if there is a Canowindra grower of something they will be given priority. If nobody grows or makes an item within the local area they can come from within 100 miles. As this is also a craft market we would take into account the “crafting” or “making” as well as the growing of a product (eg., locally made chocolate, which was grown in Vanuatu, would be fine).

Is there an Environmental Policy? Stall holders are encouraged to avoid single use plastics and instead provide re-usable or compostable packaging, or at least, recyclable packaging. Customers are encouraged to bring their own bags. Bins will be labelled so that food scraps can go to local gardens and compost heaps and glass (if any) can be recycled. This policy is about education and encouragement rather than policing and enforcing.

Do stalls need public liability insurance? The site is owned by the Statham family, of “Rosnay”, Canowindra, and $20m public liability insurance is held for the site. However stall holders still need to have their own $20m public liability insurance.

What food service regulations are there? Vendors of ready-to-eat food must to comply with The Food Act 2003, Food Regulation 2015, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand – Food Standards Code and other requirements under section (iv) of our DA. Community groups or food vendors who sell packaged food do not have to have Food Safety Supervisors certificates. Insurance documents must be provided to the organiser along with booking form and stall payment.

What are the terms of the DA? The site of 33 Gaskill St (or, “The Palms”) has been approved for the hosting of functions 52 times per year, from 10am to 10pm on Friday-Thursday, under Cabonne Council DA 2021-0175. Toilets are to be provided in compliance with BCA (we will provide a porta-loo and/or access to toilets at Perennialle Plants, next door). Parking for stall holders to park and load in and out is from the rear lane. The DA does not allow loading via the foot path.

Is there a liquor licence for wine/cider/brewer vendors to participate? We comply with the conditions from Liquor and Gaming NSW under which our market would notify:

Markets and fairs:  A producers’ market or fair is a market or fair that is promoted for farmers or primary producers to display and sell their products directly to the public. The producers’ market or fair must have a minimum of 10 stall holders displaying their produce or goods for direct sale to the public. The 10 stall holders need not all be farmers or primary producers. The organiser of a show, market or fair must notify the local police, the local council and ILGA of the event at least seven days before it is held.” However to sell alcohol for consumption at the market, as well as tastings, a producer must have a “Pop-up” cellar door licence or take part in a “Fundraiser Bar” to raise funds for the market. 

What are the times of the market? The market operates from 4pm to 8pm 6 months of the year March – May & September – November. The calendar will highlight the dates.  It used to be the 3rd Friday but we have now adapted our markets to align with other events such as the Balloon Festival and Christmas shopping night to cater to a higher demand of people.  Setup is any time before the market and vehicles must be off site one hour before and after the market hours.

How many people may come to the market? There is no limit to the crowd size however the block is 2800m2 which at 4m2 per person allows for 950 people. To date the markets have only had 150-250 people.

Can I select my stall position? Decisions on the layout are made by the market organiser. This is a difficult voluntary job and stall holders are asked to kindly accept their allocated location.

Can I access electricity for my stall? At present the site does not have its own power, and there is an agreement with Finns Store for an extension cord to provide power to the stage and for market lighting, but not for stallholders.

Is drinking water available? Town water is accessible however food vendors must bring their own potable water for cooking and washing and for customers to drink (wine stalls to provide).

Is there a cancellation policy? The bottom of “The Palms” is partly in a flood zone so events may be cancelled for bad weather or for flood warnings upstream of Canowindra. Stall holders can cancel their own stall with a full refund 10 days before the market. Stallholder cancellations less than 10 days before a market incur no refund. The committee may cancel the market at any time before commencement of the market and must give stallholders a full refund or credit. If a market is closed after it starts due to bad weather, there are no refunds to stallholders however, we use a large shed next door to the Palms, kindly Perennial Plants lends their shed in this case – so there is rarely a cancellation due to weather.

Is shade provided? In hot weather, we will provide a shaded area with chairs. Stall holders are encouraged to bring additional shade and seating if they can.

Covid Policy: Whilst QR Checkin, square-metre rules and masking is no longer required under NSW rules, stallholders must take responsibility for their own health and others’, and must not attend if at all unwell with symptoms of cold or flu. Masking is not accepted as a way of preventing others from catching these if you are unwell. If you cancel your stall due to being unwell your stallholder fee will be refunded in full.